Neuwerk is a small island (about 3 km2) in the German Wadden Sea. It is located northwest of Cuxhaven at the mouth of the river Elbe, roughly 8 km apart from the Coast. Historically, Neuwerk belongs to the city of Hamburg and is part of the Borough Hamburg-Mitte. Although Neuwerk is surrounded by the Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park it is relatively close to the main shipping lane from the North Sea into the river Elbe, which is the reason why it was chosen as a measurement site for the MeSmarT project. The measurement devices, including a two-channel MAX-DOAS instrument (UV and visible), the Airpointer in-situ measurement device, a high volume filter sampler and passive samplers as well as a semi-professional weather station and the AIS receiver, are positioned on main platform of a 60 m height radar tower in a height of about 30 m

undefined View towards Neuwerk with the radar tower where the mesmart instruments are installed to the right (Photo by A.Seyler).